All-Natural Pork

All-Natural PorkPork

For an all-natural taste like no other, Sun Fest Market carries Prairie Fresh Premium Pork Products and Seaboard Pork Products.  Our pork products are 100% natural, hormone free and has no artificial additives. From stuffed pork chops to homemade pork sausage and everything in between we’ve got you covered.


Prairie Fresh® Premium Pork is a product of Seaboard Foods and comes fresh to you from farms located throughout the rolling prairies of the Southwest and Upper Midwest. PrarieFresh Premium Pork controls the entire pork production process from raising animals on local farms to making proprietary animal feeds to food safety in state-of-the-art processing plants.

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Seaboard Foods high-quality, great tasting pork products are USDA process verified to make sure you receive only the finest fresh pork products. Always wholesome, flavorful and safe, the Seaboard Foods Quality Circle guarantees your family high-quality, great-tasting pork every time.

Find recipes and more here: Recipes

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