Party Trays

Customized trays also available

#1 Southwest Tray A scrumptious delight of refried beans, guacamole, black olive slices, shredded cheddar, diced tomatoes, sour cream & jalapeno peppers. Call for price.Sm. $29.99  –  Med. $39.99  –  Lg. $49.99
#2 Party Sandwich Tray An equal number of sliced Ham, Turkey Breast & Roast Beef sandwiches.Sm. $29.99  –  Med. $39.99  –  Lg. $49.99
#3 Roll-Up Sandwich Tray Three dozen assorted roll-ups filled with Cream Cheese, Ham & Turkey. Sure to be a hit at your event!Sm. $29.99  –  Med. $39.99  –  Lg. $49.99
#4 Hot Wings Tray Put some spice in your life with this generous arrangement of hot wings. Select a bleu cheese dressing for dips or one of our other delicious sauces.Med. $39.99  –  Lg. $49.99
#5 Cheese Tray A generous array of shingled cheeses. This tray features Provolone, American, Swiss, Colby & Hot Pepper Cheese. A taste for anyone!Sm. $29.99  –  Med. $39.99  –  Lg. $49.99
#6 Vegetable Tray A beautiful arrangement of fresh carrot sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, sliced zucchini, radishes, celery sticks and ranch or vegetable dip.Sm. $29.99  –  Med. $39.99  –  Lg. $49.99
#7 Gourmet Meat Arrangement A premium presentation of only the finest smoked ham, oven roasted turkey breast and select roast beef. This arrangement presents only the best our deli has to offer.Sm. $29.99  –  Med. $39.99  –  Lg. $49.99
#8 Meat & Cheese Tray Everybody’s favorites all together on one tray. Arranged to please the eye as well as the taste buds! Deli Virginia ham, oven roasted turkey, hearty roast beef, light Swiss, yellow American and medium cheddar cheese.Sm. $29.99  –  Med. $39.99  –  Lg. $49.99
#9 Chicken Tender Tray A generous arrangement of delicious ALL-WHITE-MEAT chicken tenders. Artfully presented around your choice of Blue Cheese Dressing or BBQ Sauce.Sm. $29.99  –  Med. $39.99  –  Lg. $49.99
#10 Tidbits of Cheese A generous array of cubed cheeses. A taste for everyone. Yellow American big-eye Swiss, smoked sharp cheddar., colby jack, medium cheddar and jalapeno cheese.Sm. $29.99  –  Med. $39.99  –  Lg. $49.99
#11 Gourmet Fruit & Cheese Tray Add color and variety to any get-together with our fresh fruit and cheese tray. We can put together luscious seasonal fruit and add an array of cubed cheese to delight your guests.Sm. $29.99  –  Med. $39.99  –  Lg. $49.99
#12 Cocktail Shrimp Tray A bounty of medium cooked and peeled shrimp. Just right for those special guests. Tangy cocktail sauce and Lemon wedges.Med. $55.99  –  Lg. $65.99

#13 Side Dishes

Our Deli Professionals can suggest the perfect side for any occasion. Our selection of Deli Salads will delight your guests. (selection varies by store)


#14 Relish Tray The perfect compliment to all our party trays. A Generous assortment of baby kosher dill pickles, black or green olives, baby sweet gherkins and sweet bread and butter slices.Sm. $29.99  –  Med. $39.99  –  Lg. $49.99
#15 Cookie Tray A delightful assortment of colorful cookies with party curls and a filled candy dish in center.Small serves 14-18 (48 ct.) call for priceMedium serves 24-32 (96 ct.) call for price 
#16 Deluxe Submarine Sandwich $8.99 Full Speed ahead with this spectacular creation from our deli. It’s designed to be the flagship of your party. It’s Loaded with tender slices of ham, turkey, cotta salami, bologna, hard salami, yellow American, Big Eye Swiss, tomatoes, red onion and lettuce.

#17 Chicken Picnic Pack

When you need to feed a crowd. We are the Crowd Pleasers. We can provide everything you’ll need.

50-piece Party Pack Includes: 50 assorted pieces of our nearly famous chicken, 2 dozen rolls, 2 large containers of the following salads: potato, macaroni, cole slaw, or mustard potato, Serves 20-25 People

50-Piece Chicken only – serves 20-25 people

100 -Piece Chicken only – serves 45-50 people

(not available in all stores)

Customized trays also available