Weekly Ad Flyer

July 19, 2017 Ad Flyer
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July 19, 2017 Ad Flyer

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11 Responses to Weekly Ad Flyer

  1. BILL DENNEY says:


  2. Kathryn Orlow says:

    I love your store, and esp. love all the sensational staff, as well.

  3. Bill rees says:

    Shopped here along time good deals friendly service. Great meat dept . Thank you for being that small town store were peopl still have time to say. Hey!

  4. jeff nady says:

    I like your store and shop there lot

  5. Kay Laurghry says:

    Love your store friendly staff!

  6. Faith Brockoff says:

    I absolutely love, love, love this store!! I always save, everyone is so friendly and helpful, it’s actually a pleasure to shop!

  7. Laurie McCoy says:

    I shop here at least once a week. Very helpful staff, great meat department. Much less stresssful than the “big box store”

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